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Power Supplies

  1. PSW 30-36 DEMO

    GW Instek PSW 30-36 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$1,413.50

    Special Price: US$700.00

    PSW 30-36 Multi-Range DC Power Supply Learn More


  2. 1103 DEMO

    Tektronix 1103 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$2,500.00

    Special Price: US$1,000.00


    Probe Power Supply; For Use with P6205, P6243, P6245, P6246, P6247, P6248, P6249, P6 Learn More


  3. PWS4000

    Tektronix PWS4323 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$970.00

    Special Price: US$450.00


    Power Supply, 32 Volts, 3 Amps DC Programmable Learn More


  4. PEL-3031E

    GW Instek PEL-3031E DEMO

    Regular Price: US$1,295.00

    Special Price: US$700.00

    0-150V Electronic Load 300W Learn More