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  1. TLP058 DEMO

    Tektronix TLP058 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$1,850.00

    Special Price: US$800.00

    Demo: 8 Channel General Purpose Logic Probe for 5 Series Scopes. Includes Access Kit Learn More


  2. P2220 DEMO

    Tektronix P2220 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$135.00

    Special Price: US$60.00


    Passive Probe: 200 MHz, 1X/10X, BNC Learn More


  3. A622

    Tektronix A622 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$760.00

    Special Price: US$325.00


    Current Probe: 100 kHz, 10 mA to 100 A, AC/DC, BNC Learn More


  4. TPP0850 DEMO

    Tektronix TPP0850 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$861.00

    Special Price: US$425.00

    High Voltage Probe: 800 MHz, 50X, 2.5 kV, Single-ended, TekVPI Learn More


  5. P6243

    Tektronix P6243 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$2,290.00

    Special Price: US$1,100.00

    Active Probe: 1 GHz, 10X, Single-ended, TekProbe Learn More


  6. TCP0020

    Tektronix TCP0020 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$2,820.00

    Special Price: US$1,250.00

    Probe, AC/DC Current; 20 Amp; xx MHz BW; TekVPI Interface; Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard Learn More


  7. TCP0030A

    Tektronix TCP0030A DEMO

    Regular Price: US$4,040.00

    Special Price: US$1,750.00

    Probe, AC/DC Current; 30 Amp DC, DC TO 120 MHZ; with TekVPI Interface; Certificate of Traceable Calibration Standard Learn More


  8. TCP0150 DEMO

    Tektronix TCP0150 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$4,770.00

    Special Price: US$2,200.00

    Current Probe: 20 MHz, 5 mA to 212 A, AC/DC, TekVPI Learn More