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Basic Scopes

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  1. GDS-1054B DEMO

    GW Instek GDS-1054B DEMO

    Regular Price: US$429.00

    Special Price: US$200.00


    50MHz, 4Channel DSO Learn More


  2. MSO/DPO2000B

    Tektronix DPO 2EMBD DEMO

    Regular Price: US$520.00

    Special Price: US$250.00

    Oscilloscope Module, Embedded I2C/SPI Serial Triggering & Analysis Upgrade Learn More


  3. TBS2074 Front

    Tektronix TBS 2104 DEMO

    Regular Price: US$2,190.00

    Special Price: US$1,100.00

    100 MHz, 1 GS/s, 20 M record length, 4-channel digital phosphor oscilloscope Learn More


  4. tds2000

    Tektronix TDS2024C DEMO

    Regular Price: US$2,780.00

    Special Price: US$1,250.00

    Oscilloscope; Digital Storage, 200MHz, 2GS/s, 4-CH, TFT Color Display, USB Ports certificate of traceable calibration standard Learn More


  5. GDS-1102B

    GW Instek GDS-1102B

    100MHz, 2 Channel DSO Learn More


  6. GDS-1074B

    GW Instek GDS-1074B

    70MHz, 4 Channel DSO Learn More


  7. GDS-1072B

    GW Instek GDS-1072B

    70MHz, 2 Channel DSO Learn More


  8. GDS-1054B

    GW Instek GDS-1054B

    50MHz, 4Channel DSO Learn More


  9. GDS-3504

    GW Instek GDS-3504

    Regular Price: US$4,990.00

    Special Price: US$4,491.00

    Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 500MHz, 4 CH, Visual Persistence DSO [NEW lower price] Learn More


  10. GDS-3252

    GW Instek GDS-3252

    Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 250MHz, 2 CH, Visual Persistence DSO Learn More


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